Chef's jam

Make with the fruits of the orchard, the hedges and the surrounding woods, picked at full maturity and served without interruption to keep all their natural flavors.
These unusual jams and traditional recipes and ancient know-how; 30% of sugar is acid-free and preservative-free.
Whether you are a follower of salty or sweet, we have worked our recipes to rediscover the taste of the fruit.

RecommendationJam from morning to evening


Jam systematically accompanies breakfast, come and enjoy yourself early in the morning.

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More and more appreciated in cooking, you will be able to accompany your dishes thanks to our range of unusual jam and some traditional flavours.

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Simple and delicious dessert ideas to make with our jam

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ProductionOur delicious jams

ChoiceHigh quality fruits

Selecting the fruits of our French orchards and producers thanks to strict specifications has become our priority. This is our commitment N°1

ChoiceHigh quality fruits

Blogthe latest recipes


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