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Strawberry jam is an incomparable classic that we prepare from 70% fruit and 30% sugar

A gourmet jam made with 70% of fruits and 30% of sugar.

This confit is a delicate dish very tasty with both sweet and salty food.

Our orange marmelade is made with 70% of fruit and 30% of sugar.

A delicious apricot jam made from 70% fruits and 30% sugar.

This slightly sour jam is rich in fruits and specially deseeded by us.

A subtle blend with 60% of orange and 10% lemon giving a hint of acidity to the traditionnal orange marmelade.

Our speciality and best-seller, this amazing raspberry jam has been for long years a reference for all costumers.

A traditional french jam, our quince jam is sweet and flavoured.

A surprising confit that reveals all the flavor of the Sauvignon wine that we use.

Our delicious blueberry jam is made with 70% fruits and 30% sugar.

A creamy and gourmet jam prepared with ripe mangoes, with 70% fruit and 30% sugar.

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