Jam systematically accompanies breakfast, come and enjoy yourself early in the morning!

The jam is perfect for that special moment called breakfast. An authentic recipe to kick off the day, a source of good humor and energy. Our jam specialties will allow you to start the day in the best mood ever.

With 70% fruit, only 30% sugar and nothing else. Our range is particularly well suited to those who want to limit their sugar consumption but continue to enjoy themselves with confidence. Also we recommend our specialties as part of a balanced breakfast. But beware, our jam is not simplistic and is not limited to French toast!
Give free rein to your imagination and try bold combinations with original products or discover new exotic varieties and old discounts up to date.
Our wide range of products offers a unlimited possibilities, let yourself be tempted by day.
If you need softness, discover our traditional apricot jam or the subtle wine peach jam.
Dress up your breakfasts with surprising jams such as rhubarb with elderberries or sweet pear and hazelnut.
You will have understood with the jams Insolite & Tradition your breakfasts will be high in color and especially rich in flavor.

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