Simple and delicious dessert ideas to make with our jam

Here we will discuss desserts with jam. Mostly limited to pancakes and waffles, you will to discover simple, delicious and daring alternatives that will allow you to make excellent sweet jam recipes in no time at all!
First of all, the unclassifiable accompaniment of cottage cheese which can be enjoyed with most of our products. Our jam brings sweetness and flavour to this simple dessert but always present on our tables for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The immaculate white of the cheese projecting the beautiful colors of a raspberry jam enhanced with a mint leaf can in no time transform the end of the meal into a real dessert cook and farandole of color.
If there is a lack of cottage cheese, you can also accompany your yoghurts with one of our many jams.
Cake, pie and other homemade cakes are just as well suited to jam combinations.

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