Roasted duck magrets with morello cherry jam


-2 duck breasts

-120 g of jam of Morello cherry Insolite & Tradition

-3 cl balsamic vinegar

-4 tbsp liquid cream

-Salt Pepper


1. Start by making striated notches on the skin of duck breasts, salt and pepper your meat.

2. Heat a non-stick pan without any fat, place your duck breasts on the skin side and cook 5 to 8 minutes on each side depending on the desired cooking, your meat should be lightly browned.

3. Remove your duck breasts from the pan and wrap them in foil. Preheat the th.3/4 oven to 100° and place your duck breasts in it to keep them warm.

4. In the frying pan used to cook the duck breasts, discard 3/4 of the fat that was returned to cooking, add the jam of Morello cherry Insolite & Tradition and balsamic vinegar, let caramelize (your sauce should thicken slightly).

5. Remove from the heat and deglaze with the liquid cream, stirring constantly, salt and pepper.

6. Take the duck breasts out of the oven, cut them into slices not too thick, place on serving plates and coat with your sour cherry jam sauce.

7. Enjoy your tasting.

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